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Our specialization is in the provision of unmatched support services and that includes information and communication technology, contract management and import and export.  Overtime we have used proven methodologies to help business optimize costs, reduce risk and remain competitive.  We have learnt through experience and best practices; that has uniquely positioned us to support your organization with emerging technologies and business solutions. In addition, we have helped businesses managed project while they focus on core business operation and including that of corporate training.

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IT support

Compsoftnet is a support company that provides full packaged IT support and Maintenance which ranges from Hardware Infrastructure maintenance to software and user management. In today’s business world, speed and agility are essential. Organizations are continually facing challenges in scaling and managing their IT infrastructures and information systems while effectively reducing costs. IT system security, availability, and performance are key components for any successful business. We will provide you with 24/7 Support to reduce the cost of running your IT and improve performance at the highest level. Irrespective of your location in Nigeria, compsoftnet covers your location remotely and a flexible onsite visit to your Location, we monitor your network, servers remotely, we provide you with hardware, and fix any problem that you encounter on your network. Our IT service also goes as far as procuring company systems and installation, and configuring necessary software that fits your use. We take care of the service needed to keep your business running. With compsoftnet at your service, focus on your core business, we will relieve your concerns and fits to your demand.

Contract management

Compsoftnet under Contracts management portfolio manage contracts and also provides innovative solutions relating to contracts such as human resources management, capacity building, monitoring and assessment, project management, inventory and IT technology solutions. Contracts are business decisions trapped in administrative tasks. Compsoftnet has access to several software and technological tool that does the administrative work better, freeing teams to do more substantive work and drive business strategy.  With our expertise and affiliations, we have the leading enterprise-class platform for the management of contract.

Import and export

Compsoftnet is one of the growing firm in Africa. We pride ourselves on the knowledge of African market. We are the company to talk to when a foreign company is seeking for export markets, trading partners in Nigeria and West Africa.  Our experience and ground work speak when exporters in Nigeria are seeking to solve the problem of purchasers, products, and paperwork in the export business.

Compsoftnet is a Nigeria based multidisciplinary business development firm that is committed to assisting foreign firms in their market entry drive into Nigeria. Our deep understanding of the Nigerian market serves as an accelerator to our clients’ sales expansion projects. With a network of experienced team, who are experts with practical business experiences in their various field, we are fast and reliable in our deliverables.

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