Website and E-mail

We help organizations develop an online presence and identity that enable them communicate their brand with potential prospects while generating leads and sales. Compsoftnet enterprise tailor the customer needs to their online presence. Speak with us to discuss website design and customized e-mail for your business.

Also, the time business manager, Chief Executive Officer spent sorting mail could be directed to the development of the business and seek new client. Our business provides solutions to help business, manage, treated and respond to client requests.

IT Consulting

Compsoftnet Enterprise understands the Do”s and Don’ts of IT business and the disaster to avoid. We use proven methodologies to help business optimize costs, reduce risk and be productive.

We provide IT advisory to help client organization identify and solve critical business need and technology issues.  These activities allow us to focus on advising organization on how best to use information technology in achieving their business goal and objectives.

Network and Internet

The Internet has become an essential tool for business today. For a business to have reliable internet connectivity there must be a good network structure choose based on the organization need.  Our organization not only help with network integration, but ensure the proper functioning of the whole system

Application management

Every organization has one or two applications installed for fast and efficient operation. Application malfunctioning could endanger business success and employees’ frustration. In order to help businesses and organization stay focused without application malfunctioning, we solve the bugs and threat of software.

Enterprise Software

Enterprise Application Software (EAS) is a computer based software adopt by the organization rather than individual. We deliver and manage customized EAS for business/organization operation.

Communication materials design

For business to stand out from the crowed, there is a need for a unique business identity. Every successful business and organization has a unique brand. Our graphic expert is more than willing to design outstanding communication materials for your business e.g. Logo, business card, Identity card, Brochure, Banner, flyer etc.

Hardware management

Compsoftnet enterprise partner with organizations to conduct preventive maintenance of their hardware and software system for effective operation and availability.

IT supply and Upgrade

We deploy the right tool and equipment for business operation across Nigeria at affordable prices. Using the right tools and products determines operation efficiency

IT policy and strategy development

Less than 30% businesses and organization in operation have clear written IT Policy and strategy for their IT operation while the remaining 70% only use IT equipment without direction and the  do’s and don’ts. Track and check your organization IT operates by developing IT policy and strategy with little or no cost.

Organization Staff Training

One to no zero of your staff need to be IT equipped. As Managing Director, Business Manager and Chief Executive Officer you need to be 100% assured of your staff IT knowledge because the more IT training they receive, the more global they go and the more business success you acquire. We are open to your invitation.

Software Installation, Maintenance & Database Management

The software industry has changed the game for business operation from paper to electronic. Software is the basis for connectivity, networking, record keeping, information gathering and system operation. Our expert has the right knowledge and experience to manage, deploy and conduct software testing for your business operation

POS Installation and maintenance

Compsoftnet enterprise delivers point of sale software for the daily business operation and transaction. We perform business analysis to determine the best point of sale software that fit for the business operation. Enjoy our affordable price.